Hi :)

yesterday I've been again to a trip with my IEC. We went to Newgrange. There we've visited a stoneage museum and a 5000 year old grave. We had to walk on a narrow pathway to get there (I was way to tall to feel comfortable but at least I'm not claustrophobic :D ). That was pretty interesting. And our vtour guide was a wee bit crazy. As we've been in the grave he constantly put the people from one place to another without any reason.

After that we've been to Drogheda and visited a church what isn't that interesting for me because I'm not religious at all. But after that we had free time and I went shopping with my friends - Drogheda has a Pennys (Primark) *-* I just bought a really really warm and fluffy pyjama because I'm constantly cold although it's just November (what should I do in Janurary?!).

In Pennys some of my male friends actually tried high heels on!! - that was the funniest part of the whole trip and I had to laugh tears xD

We returned about 6 p.m. what is pretty early because at homeI have nothing to do and it's a bit boring. So I stood in town with my hostsister and we had dinner. 

And I finally found out that my hostsister (she is really lovely and I can't imagine Ireland without her) can't stand my best friend ... and now?! What should I do? I can never do something together with both of them, that's such a shit situation because of course I love both and don't wanna make one of them angry ... I have to think :/





Hi guys (y)


I had Mid-Term break the last week (holidays) and really nothing to do at all! First I wanted to work at my work experience placement agein, but they never calle dme back :/

So I was sooooo bored! Ok, I baked a lot (my passion) and I went to the gym two times (for the first timeof my life!) but that's pretty much it.

Oh and on Saturday I went to Dublin. That was such an amzing day. I went there together with my Italian hostsister and some other friends. We catched the bus early in the morning and that journey took us about 1.5 houres.

In Dublin we didn't do something special. I went to Starbucks (I'm addicted to cake and stuff) and ate the (f*ucking incredible) carrot cake and had a pumpkin cappucino. Memories of my trip to Berlin last autumn came up because I had the same cappucino there.

And Dublin has a bake shop where you canbuy all the baking equipment and coloured iceing and so on. I was in heaven! I bought gingerbreadpeoplecutters, so I can make gingerbread people befor Christmas :)

And I did just some shopping. I already started buying Christmas sruff. I really love Christmas and although I could become very hard and I probably miss a lot of things I decided to stay in Ireland over Christmas because I really wanna experience the Irish way of celebrating it and know that I'll never get this chance again. And I found German gingerbread, Stollen etc. in the local Lidl, so I'm happy ;)






I'm terribly cold! It's October and just about 10°C every day. I thought I'm used to cold weather because we have a lot of snow in Germany but it feels like this is even worse. I discovered that Irish people are usually not heating with their radiators but just with a fire in the evening. In Germany we heat the house the whole day, so maybe I'm just not used to it!


Whatever that's not what I'm gonna write about today.

I've been to a basketball match of the team of my new school on Wednesday and we ... WON 26:19!!!

Although I had the feeling that I played horribly bad and I almost broke a finger of my right hand (fortunately just almost) and now it's kinda disgusting, blue and hurtful. Fortunately my hostsister's real sister in Italy is a doctor and told my hostsister what to do. So she looked after my finger very well :)


I've been to a choir concert with the school choir on Friday. There were also a lot of other schools, so I meet a lot of people. Some were exchange students like me. We sung in a theater in Monaghan and it was sooo full! so many people wanted to watch us! And it was really fun. I enjoy performing on stange in singing in general. So it was the perfect day for me. After that a bus brought us back to our school. Than I wanted to take a taxi to my home but the music teacher told the bus driver that he should bring me home - for free! That was so amazing.


And finally yesterday I've been to Derry as a trip with my IEC. I came home at 12.30 a.m. after the choir and had to st and up at 5 because my hostsister and I had to walk one hour in the morning, took a bus to Monaghan and than we met at 9 and took a bus to Derry together with all the others. And it was f*cking cold yesterday!!!

In Derry we first had a sightseeing tour for one hour and than 4 houres of freetime - shopping!!! Derry has a Primark (Pennys) and I bought a normal black shirt for my work experience next week (I work at Dinkins Bakery - next weekend I'll tell you about it!), very very warm gloves which I can also wear with my damaged finger, earrings with bubbles because evey Irish girl seems to have them but not me, a hair band because I used to have very short hair and now it's growing and I really need it and cuuute socks with sheep print because I looove sheep - typically Irish :)



That's all for today. I'm gonna write about my work experience soon :)






I can't believe that is's already October! Time flies!


But what I really want to say in this post is that yesterday was No-Uniform-Day. That means everybody can wear what he want in school. It was pretty cool because I could see the styles of all the others - but nearly everybody came in jogging trousers and jumper xD

I think nobody wants to dress 'normal' for school, no one really cares.

But it felt so much like home! Not wearing a uniform ... I felt like myself in school. Because when I wear my uniform it is so not-me. I don't feel like being myself but back in Germany I hated playing being someone else. I've always been myself no matter what others think about me. They have to come along with me or can go away.

But here I feel how I change ... I can't describe it but I don't know whether I'm still me. And whether I change in a positiv or a negativ way and if I even want to change. I know that's a bit comlicated and maybe private but I have to write about it because writing ir my live <3 it helps me to bring my thoughts in a right order...


Next Saturday is a trip to Derry with my IEC. I'll tell you about it next weekend :)


See you - or better 'read you'





Today was 'Fair Day' in my hometown. This is the 401st anniversery of it.

All people have worn old cloth, farm animals have been on the streets and there was a role play and a street market. I looove it. It was so amazing. I can't say more about this - just amazing!!!





Today I attended a school trip to Belfast only for exchange students and 6th graders. We went to the Titanic Museum and he Parlament of Northern Ireland. And the best: We needn't pay for anything!! :DD

And we ate lunch at a luxury hotel - the best cheesecake ever and a too small portion of noodles - also for free!

I looooove this day. We had a lot of fun. All the other exchange students are so funny and crazy. I really enjoy my life her and can't believe that one month is already over! Time flies. Christmas is soon and than I'm almost back at Germany - a year can pass so fast. I'm gonna make it the best of my life!! :)


Oh and here is the link of the facebook page of my Mini-Company group. That's a project for school and our group designs and sells unique memory books especially for exchange students, klick in and like ;)







One month is over since I left Germany. 

One month since I started living my dream.
One month ago I went in a plane for the first time of my life to start a journey into the unknown.
So many things happend.
I settled in, school started.
I got used to wearing a school uniform - ok, it is still a bit strange that everybody looks same.
I will never get used to cars driving on the wrong side of the rode and I will probably never know in which direction I have to look when I cross the road ;)

I got used to sharing room with my amazing, kinda crazy hostsister.
I got used to eating meat again - I will survive it (bye life as a vegetarian ;) )

I will get used to having no 'real' bread - just white bread (Toast) 

I sarted baking again and I will do it again ... and again ... and again ...
I know that black tea with milk is the best thing in the world although I thought one month ago that black tea is disgusting and milk and tea is a horrible combination.
I know that I will probably never win at playing XBox - it's enough if I win at Scrabble ;) 

Now I wanna say thank you. Thanks for my parents who let me go, living my dream. Thanks for my hostfamily who welcomed me. Thanks to all crazy exchange students who pass this year with me. And thanks to the Irish students who are at least as crazy as my friends in Germany. 

More great months will follow!





Hi :)

Today was the trip to Giant's Causeway and the Rope Bridge in Northern Ireland. 

It was very exhausting. I'm so tired!

But I try to start at the start :P

Our bus left today at 9.00 a.m. at Monaghan (So I had to stand up at 7 ... ). And it took us 2.5 houres to get to Giant's Causway. (Booooooring) But finally we arrived. And I was so flashed! the landscape is amazing!!! We had great, sunny weather and about 15-20°C. So I went through the entrance of Giant's Causeway and walked together with the other exchange students along a looong street. On the righten side there were stone hills and on the leften side cliffs and the ocean till the horizon starts. I took about a million photos. We had 1.5 houres time and could do what we want. Finally we climbed on different hills (that is more complicated than it looks!) and took more photos.


Than we went on to the Rope Bridge - and yeah, it's just a rope bridge between two rocks. But again the landscape was so great! And there was another looong way with (too many) hills. So I really did enough sports today.


Finally we arrived back in Monaghan after again 2.5 houres driving at 7.00 p.m. I walked so much today and I'm so tired. But nevertheless it was an awsome day with a lot of fun :)





Sorry for not blogging that long but today is the first day my internet works since I arrived. Mylaptop was broken the last week and my hostfamily doesn't have WiFi at all. That's why I had to figure out how to connect the internet of my phone with my laptop. Now I got it and I'll write a conclusion for you of everithing that happend during the last weeks :)


Well, the welcome weekend in Dublin from the 21.-23..08.14 was amazing. We had single bedrooms at the Maynooth University and I met sooooo many people from all over the world. 

But let's start earlier. The flighgt from Berlin to Dublin was the first of my life! It took about 2 houres and I was totally panicing until a very nice woman next to me helped me to calm down (I had a window seat).

During that flight I read all good-bye-letters from my famiy and friends. That was very emotional. I didn't want to cry at the airport but as soon as I hugged my sister I had to cry. There was no other opportunity.


All right. Finally I left, flew two houres to Dublin and drove about one houre in a bus to Maynooth.

There were the other exchange students who attended the language and culture camp and led us to our (big single) bed room. On Thursday we didn't do anything else important.

On Friday we did some group activities to get to know each other (at least 250 people) and there were some presentations about Ireland its culture etc.

And finally at Saturday we left Maynooth and went with busses to our countys. So I went with many other students to Monaghan City (not really a big city but the capital of Monaghan county). 

Our hostparents waited for us at the parking lot - but not mine. Finally my IEC picked me up and I slept the first night at her house. She is really really kind! 


My hostmom picked me up on Sunday at about 12 p.m. She told me that there was an accident and she couldn't pick me up at Saturday. I didn't care. I was just glad that I finally moved to my new home.

Now I live for almost 3 weeks in a small but lovely room at there house and would say that I already feel comfortable.


School started at the 28.08.14. It goes from 9.00-3.30 p.m. I attend the transition year like almost all exchange student at my college (we are about 20). It is an very easy year but it includes a lot of activities like going to a comedy show or whatever. Furthermore the Irish students are very kind and I've already made some new Irish friends (and of course I know all exchange students). It's just annoying that they sometimes speak in there own language. I don't want to speak German either!


My subjects change all 11 weeks. At the moment I have e.g. photography, arts, english, maths, science, safety, IT, reading, construction, technical drawing, ... oh and home economics is the best subject ever!!! I loooove baking and now I can do it in school!



Baking is the only thing I really miss here. Normally I bake 2-3 times a week and now I havn't baked for nearly a month! But next Sunday I will do something. But I have to pay for all of the incredients and so on and that's really expensive! But I have to. I miss that so much :(


And I miss my sister. I was homesick only one time till now. And that was as the letters from my sister and the baggage and letter from my parents arrived (my parents send me a lot of German sweets because I'm addicted to them and my book - the one I wrote - what became published this August *-* ).

But my hostfamily is so kind. I usually needn't be homesick because they are becoming a real family for me. And I understand nearly everything they say. I become better from time to time :D


Last Friday (the 05.09.14) my Italian hostsister arrived. She is so funny and we talk a lot. She attends 5th year. And we have to share that small  room but taht's no problem because she is so cool and definitely NOT annoying or something like this.


Tomorrow I'm gonna join the school choire and on Friday the basketball team. Later on I maybe participate at the drama club. Let's see :)


Irish food is very tasty - and there are really as much potatos as expected.


And the landscape is amazing!!! So much green and cows and sheep everywhere. As I walked my family's dog I got lost because everything looked similar and I walked kilometers in the wrong direction. Fnally my hostbrother had to pick me up at a chicken farm :D But nnow I know the right way and I hope I won't make the same mistake again.


But I live in the middle of nowhere and here I have nothing to do. The taxi in town is very expensive (10€ / ride) and so it's sometimes boring. But as soon as I signed n in the liberary everything became better because I'm addicted to read and now I've got a piece of home all the time around me and something to do.


Next weekend my IEC and her group (including me) are going to Giants Causeway. Iwill tell you everything abou that later - maybe with pictures if the internet works :)



See you





Flight details:


My flight details arrived yesterday *-* 

I'll fly from Berlin at the 21st of August (next Thursday *-*) to Dublin.

The flight will take 1.5 houres. I'M SO EXCITED!





Isn't that true?! :


''Exchange is change. Rapid, brutal, beautiful, hurtful, colourful, amazing, unexpected, overwhelming, and most of all consant change. Change in lifestyle, country, language, friends, parents, houses, school, simply everything.
Exchange is realizing that everything they told you beforehand is wrong, but also right in a way.
Exchange is going from thinking you know who you are, to having no idea who you are anymore to being someone new. But not entirely new. You are still the person you were before but you jumped into that ice cold lake. You know how it feels like to be on your own. Away from home, with no one you really know. And you find out that you can actually do it. Exchange is thinking. All the time. About everything. Thinking about those strange costumes, the strange food, the strange language. About why you are here and not back home. About how it is going to be like once you come back home. How your friends are going to react when they see you again. About who is hanging out and where this weekend. And in the end, where you are supposed to go, when you are invited to ten different things. About how everybody at home is doing. About how stupid this whole time-zone thing is. Not only because of home, but also because the tv ads or shows keep confusing you.
Thinking about what is right and what is wrong. About how stupid or rude you just were to someone without meaning to be. About the point of all this. About the sense of life. About who you want to be,what you want to do. And about what the hell that guy just said.
Exchange is people. Those incredibly strange people, who look at you like you're an alien. Those people who are too afraid to talk to you. And those people who actually talk to you. Those people who know your name, even though you have never met them. Those people who tell you who to stay away from. Those people who talk about you behind your back, those people who make fun of your country. All those people, who aren't worth your giving a damn. Those people you ignore. And those people who invite you to their homes. Who keep you sane. Who become your friends.
Exchange is uncomfortable. It's feeling out of place, like a fifth wheel. It's talking to people you don't like. It's trying to be nice all the time. It's bugs… and bears. It's cold, freezing cold. It's homesickness, it's awkward silence and its feeling guilty because you didn't talk to someone at home. Or feeling guilty because you missed something because you were talking on skype.
Exchange is great. It's feeling the connection between you and your hostparents grow. It's knowing in which cupboard the peanut butter is. It's meeting people from all over the world. It's having a place to stay in almost every country of the world. It's cooking food from your home country and not messing up. It's seeing beautiful landscapes that you never knew existed.
Exchange is exchange student -the most amazing people in the whole world. Those people from everywhere who know exactly how you feel and those people who become your absolute best friends even though you only see most of them 3 or 4 times. 
Exchange is falling in love with this amazing, wild, beautiful country. And your home country.
Exchange is frustrating. Things you can't do, things you don't understand. Things you say, that mean the exact opposite of what you meant to say. Or even worse…
Exchange is understanding.
Exchange is unbelievable.
Exchange is not a year in your life. IT'S A LIFE IN ONE YEAR!
Exchange is nothing like you expected it to be, and everything you wanted it to be.
Exchange is the best year of your life so far. Without a doubt. And it's also the worst. Without a doubt.
Exchange is something you will never forget, something that will always be part of you. It is something no one back at home will ever truly understand.
Exchange is growing up, realizing that everybody is the same, no matter where there're from. That there is great people and douche bags everywhere. And that it only depends on you how good or bad your day is going to be. Or the whole year.
And it is realizing that you can be on your own, that you are an independent person. Finally. And it's trying to explain that to your parents.
Exchange is dancing in the rain for bo reason, crying without a reason, laughing at the same time. It's a turmoil of every emotion possible.
Exchange is everything. And exchange is something you can't understand unless you've been through it!'' HUG THE EXCHANGE STUDENTS! WE DESERVE IT!:)



My life is great!

I got my hostsister's e-mail address yesterday and I contacted her a few minutes later. She is soooo amazing! I'm so glad that we will share our year and pass it together. I couldn't have a better hostsister! We changed phone numbers and we are writing SMS all day long :)


And today I phoned my hostmom. I can't describe how excited I was. I asked her aain whether it'ds ok to call her and she said 'YES' *-* We talked about 30 minutes (that might become expensive :/ ). She is so great! She told me about 100 times that I needn't worry about anything and I asked her many many questions. She is laughing a lot and she made me feel familiar from the beginning. And it was easier than I thought to comunicat. I could understand her better than I thought and she said that I can speak English well *-* We talked about so many topics that I don't remember them all...that's why I'll stop writing now.


I'm gonna inform you if there is something new :)





Hi guys :)

All family members and even my IEC (International Exchange Coordinator) answered the friend request on facebook now and I've already written with my hostmom (and also my IEC). She is so kind! She told me that I the other exchange student is an italian girl. I tried to contact her on the EF-network but she hasn't accepted my friend request yet (although I invited her weeks befor I knew that she is my hostsister) and it's not possible to contact her on facebook because of her privacy adjustment! That's anoying! I really would like to know how my hostsister is like befor I'll meet her at Ireland :/

Furthermore I wanted to call my hostfamily at the weekend. I was a little afraid of doing it because I wasn't sure whether I'll understand theire accent or if they undertsand mine and something like this. That's why I asked my hostmom on Saturday whether I'm allowed to call them this day. Some houres later I saw that she saw the message (it was on facebook :D ) but she hasn't answered. I thougt: 'OK, maybe later' 

On Sunday I understood why she hasn't replied: My hostsisters birthday party was on Saturday! (I saw some pics on facebok ;) ) I really understand why it was inappropriate to call them but I'm a bit sad that I didn't get an answer until now. Maybe she could write me that she hasn't got time or that she doesn't want me to call but no answer?! 


Ok, another issue: 

Me and some friends of mine who are also going to go to Ireland created a Whatsapp group! It is so funny to stay in contact with each other all time long and talk about all topics which are important (or even not important) for us :)


That's all I wanted to talk about at the moment :)



OMG, my hostmother answered the friends request on facebook!!!

(2 minutes after I've finished the last post :) )





Too much happend this weekend! I try to bring it in the right order:

1. EF online Meeting

2. My hostfamily

3. Orientation Meeting

4. My finished graduation


1. Last Friday (the 13th of June) I had an Online Meeting. All German students who go to Ireland

    could participate but just 5-10 students did. I was oneof them. It was like a big chat but we didn't

    write, we could talk to each other. It was really amazing and took around 2 houres. 

    Furthermore an Ambassador (returned EF-student) and a member of the German EF-office

    were present. They told us a lot about the Irish schoolsystem, lifestyle and something like this.

    I knew most of the information befor but at the end we could ask all questions we had. That's

    why I really know everything rightnow!


2. I asked at the Online Meeting when I'll get my hostfamily and one day later I got it!!! (14th of June)

    You can't imagine how happy I am and I really can't explain it. It's unbelievable!

    I'm gonna live in Castleblayney Co Monaghan near Northern Ireland. I'll have a hostmom, a hostdad

    a hostbrother atmy age and a hostsister who is 5 years older than me. Furthermore there will be 

    another exchange student from another country but I don't know who she is now.

    Furthermore the family has got dogs and loves cooking! They are like me, I thought I'm in heaven!!!

    I sent an e-mail to my hostmother yesterday but she hasn't answered yes :/ I really hope she will do so

    soon because I do want contact but I'm a little afraid of calling them...

    Oh and I think I found my Irish hostsister on Facebook but I'm not sure because she hasn't answered

    the friends request yet.


3. I've been to the Orientation Meeting at Berlin today. It was great seeing other exchange students from

    Germany. I've met a girl I've seen at the interview at the beginning of my application to EF one year ago.

    She is very nice but going to the UK and not to Ireland :/

    At first we got a lot of information again, we had a short break and after more information a longer

    lunch break. Than we were divided into different teams. Some Anbassadors took care for the single 

    teams. We got more information. After that we had to write a letter to ourselves. EF will send that

    letter back to us when we return to Germany in one year.

    Afterwards we had to improvise a role play and show it to our parents. We had to play some typical

    problems which can appear to us while our stay at Ireland. My role was paying a 'friend'. I had to say

    just one sentence :D


4. Ok, that'smaybe not sooo important but I finished my graduation last week! That really relieved my life!

    In the oral English exam I got mark one *-* (That's an 'A')

    I gonna get the other results next Wednesday (18th of June). I will tell you when I now them :)


Of course I'll tell you when me hostfamily answered,too!!!


That's all (and really enought) for today :)





I don't know anything but other EF-students say that next week I'll know on which school 

I'm gonna go. I'll tell you about it when I know it...

But the main reason why I'm writing now is that I visited a concert of REA GARVEY

yesterday! It was so amazing!! I stood in the front row.

He is my Irish *-*


And rightnow I would like to share some pictures with you :)





I know nothing new about my exchange year yet but I'm writing my graduation 

at the moment. I've already passed the test in German and Maths.

In German I had to write an essay. I could discuss a topic or interpret a

story or a poem. I decided to work with the poem and I had 3.5 hours time

for it. It was easier than I thought, so I've got a pretty good feeling.

Math was more complicated. I really don't know the right English words

for what I had to do :D 

I can only tell you that I had to know everything about all topics from the 

last two schoolyears. That sucks!

But I'm glad that I've passed half of my exams rightnow.

Chemistry is the next one. I'm going to write it on the 02.06.14. 

And English is an oral exam which I have to do together with a partner. 

I can't chose the other person but I really hope I'll get I good one :/


By the way: When you scroll down this page until the end you find some

                     space where you can write down comments. You can give me

                     advice what I can do better or tell me what you want to know 

                     about me, my German lifestyle and later on my Irish lifestyle :)


I'll write again if something new happens in relation with Ireland :)





YES! My countdown works!! :D

Just 96 days, 9 hours, 15 minutes left until I leave :)



Hi guys :)

I wrote with another German girl yesterday and she got her hostfamily!
It was so great to imagine the feeling she might have experienced!

And in a few weeks or maybe just a few days I will be able to feel like

her, too. 

Time passes by and I become more and more excited. How can I

force time passing faster?!

3 months are still left... I remember I asked me the same as I applied

for my exchange year last June. 11 months are over now but I really can't

wait 'til I leave.

And the 3rd invoice came today. Now just one is left ... 

Ok, the next step is the Orientation Meeting on the 15th of June (or

maybe I'll get my hostfamily earlier?! *-*)

I'll write again if anything happens.


Soo excited.






I tried again to put the Irish countdown on my blog.

It should count the days 'til I leave.

But it doesn't work! Now it's just a picture. When you click

on it you will find my exchange agency, but that's nothing new.

I've already posted a link to its homepage :/

Ok, I can't change it!


There is something more new: My Orientation Meeting

takes place at Berlin on 15.06.14! I get more information

about this day two weeks befor the meeting.


And rightnow I've got 155 pre-orders for my book!! 

It's gonna become proofreaded and published later on :D


That's all for today.





Hi guys :)


Today I'll tell you something that has nothing  to do with

my exchange year but it's as important as the year for me :)


And it's gonna become published but just if I collect

150 pre-orders! That's why I post the link to my book 





Hoping you are able to speak German ;)






I got  the dates for my flight and the second invoice befor two weeks!! 

My trip is going to start at the 21.08.14! Everything becomes so real.

As more information I get the more excited I become.

I have no words for my feelings. I just want this adventure to start!

Can't wait 'til August anymore!

But befor I'll go to Ireland, I have to do my graduation because I'm in class ten now :/

It's in May/June. That's why I'm not sure if I should wish that the time goes faster or

that it should slow down. 

But time comes and goes. The future will come if I want it or not. So let's enjoy life 

and looking forward to the amazing events :)





Sorry for not writing so long. There were many other things in my mind the last two months.

There aren't any news about my exchange year. I'm still waiting for the information about my hostfamily

but it is possible that I'll get them not until two weeks befor I fly to Ireland.

Ok, now I would like to show you the organisation I'm travelling with, if you are interested in it:




I hope that I can tell you something new the next time.





Hi guys,

I just wanted to post some quotes about exchange I love :)



Traveling is like reading a book. If you don't read, you will always watch the first page.


Exchange isn't a year in your life, it's a life in a year.


Life is not an mp3 where you can play what you want but life is a radio where you have to enjoy what is played.


A journey is best masured in friends rather than miles.  (Tim Cahill)


Travel. As much as you can. As far as you can. As long as you can. Life’s not meant to be lived in one place!



I'd say they really make sense if you think about an exchange year.





So much happened since I started to prepair for my year abroad in May.

First I just wanted to get some information about school exchange from EF - my exchange agency.

One day later they called me and asked if I want to do a year abroad or if I just would like to have information.

I was so excited! Of course I wanted to do!

A few days later I got a letter and with this an invitation for an interview and some forms I had to fill in.

In June I went to that interview and it was amazing. They tested my English skills. I had to answer questions like 'Why do you want to go to Ireland?' and so on and I had to write a letter to my - at this moment unknown - hostfamily.

About two or three weeks later they sent a contract to my family. My parents signed it. We sent it back to EF - that was one of the best moments in my life! Now I can't change it anymore - that feeling is awsome!

In mid-august I got my 'EF-welcome-T-shirt'. It's so beautiful. You'll see it if you'll look for the picture on this page ('My Ireland Stuff') :)

So...this is nearly all...rightnow I decided to create a blog to write about my experiences befor, while and after my high school year abroad.


Hope you enjoy :)



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